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If you've been looking for a support from a team that fully understands its members' needs to offer a professional film solutions during events - the ESSMA media package is for you. Our stadium marketing professionals understand how to deliver results for clients that can help improve international branding and exposure.

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Our first-rate knowledge base allows us to offer an expert answer to all your questions. Ask ESSMA gives you the ability to get a quick, relevant and detailed response from industry experts - no matter what your stadium related query is.

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Having a communication plan is important for your business. We offer support to our members by auditing their communication channels. This allows us to offer a bespoke communication strategy that suits your specific needs and helps address the right advertising channels to maximise the potential of your business.


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ESSMA’s ‘Join the ‘X’ Manager’ program is an educational program that gives stadium professionals the unique opportunity to experience match-day preparations with other stadium management professionals in order to help increase their management knowledge and practical experience.


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