ESSMA Workshops

Our educational workshops are offered throughout the year to inspire members and share our expertise in the industry.

With a maximum class limit of 50 - we're able to offer a personalised and hands-on approach to ensure productive discussions and relevant practical advice.


Our stadium tours are carefully designed to make sure you learn the practicalities of stadium management from the best. These tours are offered both in Europe and further afield. While this practical advice is hard to come by - our tours also offer an unbeatable opportunity to build relationships and improve your network.

ESSMA Summit

Our flagship Annual Summit aims to bring together all our members to discuss hot topics and trends in the stadium industry underpinned by inspiring keynote sessions. Our Summit is the marquee event of the year and offers a wide range of world-class workshops, exclusive stadium tours and high-level networking areas. If you're in the stadium industry - the ESSMA Summit is the event of the year.

We are very pleased to support the ESSMA Summit. With today’s rapid evolution of stadium infrastructure and technology, the exchange of know-how and experiences among industry experts is extremely valuable.
Michele Centenaro
Michele Centenaro
General Secretary ECA
This conference will gather top executives from the stadium industry to present new trends, share ideas and build relationships aimed at shaping the future of sports facilities. We are delighted to partner up with ESSMA in hosting this event which should be a must for anyone interested in the venue business.
Georg Pangl
Georg Pangl
General Secretary European Leagues


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